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Cana Brava is a 3 year old aged and filtered rum made from local sugar cane grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of the Herrera region of Panama.

It is continuously distilled in a 1922 copper and brass still at the Las Cabras distillery by Master Distiller and former Minister of Cuban Rum – for 35 years – Francisco “Don Pancho” J. Fernandez.

The Rum is aged in a combination of new, un-charred American oak and used American whisky barrels, and then it is blended with older rums for consistency and carbon filtered to create a light and complex rum.

The 86 co. wanted to make a rum made in the abandoned style that inspire so many classic cocktails,such as the Daiquiri, El Presidente, Cuba Libre and Mojito

A “carta blanca” style rum that tastes like sugar cane and is supported by the flavours from the oak.

Cana Brava Rum Saying


Tel: 2130049003
Address: Agion Anargiron & Imittou 15